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Mama D Roll $16

Shrimp tempura, tuna, kani, masago, cream cheese and asparagus topped with avocado & spicy tuna

Dragon Roll $12

Shrimp tempura, asparagus, avocado and masago

- topped with avocado & eel sauce $13

- topped with salmon & avocado $14

- topped with tuna & avocado $15

Jalapeno Roll $13

Spicy tuna, salmon and cucumber topped with avocado & jalapenos

Bangor Roll $13

Shrimp tempura, cream cheese, cucumber, avocado and kani topped with sesame seeds, masago & eel

California Roll $6

Kani, cucumber and avocado topped with sesame seeds and masago

Spicy Korean Roll $8

Tuna marinated with masago & kimchi sauce topped with sesame seeds

Tuna Roll $8

With scallions

Salmon Roll $6

With scallions

Eel Roll $7

Cucumber, eel and sesame seeds

Vegetable Roll $6

Carrot, asparagus, cucumber and oshinko


Sashimi Mori $19

15pcs of Sashimi

Sashimi Bowl $17

Tuna, salmon, tobiko, tamago, eel, kani and shrimp

Sushi & Sashimi Combo $25

6 Nigiri, 12 Sashimi, California roll

Nigiri & Sashimi

Nigiri = 2 pieces

Sashimi = 3 pieces

Tuna $4.5

Masago $2.5

Tamago $3

Shrimp $3

Salmon $4

Eel $4

Kani $3

Salmon $5

MaMa D is happy to accommodate any special requests or dietary restrictions. Please notify your server.

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